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ISLANDpeople - Unlimited Functions was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1989 within the United States as an entertainment, management, marketing, and apparel design company. In 1998 the company was registered in Trinidad and Tobago and has been operating as an event production, management and consulting company, producing and managing events throughout the Caribbean and the US.

ISLANDpeople - Unlimited Functions’ portfolio of event management services include: themed events, charity events, sports events, seminars, conferences, concerts, corporate events, expos and product launches. Unlimited Functions has also graduated into the advertising arena and currently develops and produces advertising campaigns for some of its clients.

Since 1990, ISLANDpeople - Unlimited Functions’ focus has moved towards its present core competitive advantage that is: the production of themed events that follow through to the minute detail.  There is also the transformation of spaces into creatively -enhanced environments that engage the patron in an experiential journey. This amplifies the message delivery and recall to the benefit of all stakeholders.

ISLANDpeople - Unlimited Functions is driven by creative artistic expression and anchored with a wealth of experience and solid management principles emanating from its executives and associates.  The company’s success is measured by the fulfilment of clients’ needs through the production of events that are well co-ordinated, executed and exceed the stated objectives. 

Innovation, dedication and attention to our clients’ desires, have continued to be our company’s strengths. Producing an event from concept and design through to production, management and venue restoration is our approach to the ‘one company’, ‘one coordinator’, one ‘call package’ we offer our esteemed clients.

Executive Biography

Derrick Lewis – Managing/ Creative Director

Derrick is the founder and managing/creative director of ISLANDpeople, one of the foremost event management companies in the region. At 18 he received a football scholarship to Long Island University where he completed his B.SC. in Marketing and went on to receive his MBA in 1987 on an academic scholarship.

As founder, he brought with him experience from the Marketing Department of the advertising support company Advent Information Systems on the prestigious 5th Avenue in New York.  As the creative director, he stewards the company’s vision to be the most innovative event management company in the world with originality at its core. 

In 2005, Derrick as a project consultant to the United Nations (UNICEF), co-developed and produced Xchange, a regional youth anti-violence campaign which remains a Caribbean wide programme for The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

A member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), in August 2008, Derrick presented to the ISES body in St Petersburg, Florida on ISLANDpeople’s management of the Trinidad and Tobago booths and special activities at the World Cup Finals in Germany in 2006. Derrick has also served on the Board of Governors of the National Institute of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (NIHERST), Trinidad and Tobago.

Dane Lewis – Finance Director

Dane has been the Director of Finance at ISLANDpeople since its inception. He handles all on site-management, with specific responsibility for all technical aspects of production at both local and regional events. Dane is also instrumental in the promotion of the company’s signature events throughout the region.

The Founder and Director of Lewis Appliances – a leading retail appliance outlet in Trinidad and Tobago -  manages both the day-to-day operations of the company and oversees a team of 58 technical service staff, a responsibility he’s carried for the past 20 years. In 2004 he was appointed Liaison Officer between the Appliance Industry and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He has certification in Electrical Engineering from John Donaldson Technical Institute.

Additionally, in his capacity as Chairman of ISLANDpeople Mas, he has been elected a member of the National Carnival Bands Association.

Kurt Odenthal – Technical Consultant

Kurt is ISLANDpeople’s Technical Consultant. While at school in Germany, he started working in the event industry, launching his first company, Promotech, in 1982. He went on to become part-owner of HK Computer Company, which was the only organisation in Europe which was permitted to develop hardware for Commodore computers in Europe. In 1990 Kurt went on to found OK Stage and Mediatech.

The company specialised in event planning and management for a variety of events and Kurt has designed advanced stage technology and exhibition booth systems. He has also planned and executed events such as: the  Britney Spears’ European Tour, the International Exhibition Construction in China, Swilling Knives in Sri Lanka and Dubai, Land Rover in Great Britain and for Mercedes Benz in France and Belgium .

In 2006 OK Stage and Mediatech, in co-operation with ISLANDpeople, produced the ‘Soca Caravan’ for the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development. Kurt toured with the five bands and carnival artistes from Trinidad and Tobago in Germany and in September of that year his company went on to produce the European Trade and Cultural Mission.

Brendon Brathwaite – Planning, Research and Development Officer

Brendon is the Planning Development and Research Officer and one of the Project Managers at ISLANDpeople. 

He lectures at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute in areas of Hospitality, Tourism Management and Events Management. He was also recently appointed a Part Time Lecturer in Meetings and Conventions at the University of the West Indies.

Brendon obtained a BSC in Tourism Management (Hons) from the University of the West Indies in 2003, at the Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management, Bahamas. While there he served as President of the Student Body.

He expanded his professional training with a Certificate in Events Management from the George Washington University in 2006 at the Arthur Loc Jack Graduate School of Business. Now as a Member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), he is pursuing accreditation as a Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP). 

He’s worked as a member of The Vision 2020 Secretariat in 2004-2005 as one of the two  liaison officers for the Tourism Sub-Committee, having executed over twenty 20 Stakeholder consultations for the Ministry of Planning and Development throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2008 in partnership with Triniscene, the largest web-based social network in Trinidad, he assisted in the creation of the now annual event ‘Victory’ - a charity event that for the first time brought together the largest event and advertising companies for a day of sport, fun and camaraderie.

Over the past ten (10) years, ISLANDpeople has conducted event management and consultancy for various local and international organisations and has also been involved in the creation and hosting of its own branded, signature events, such as: Amnesia, Girl Power, Insomnia, Represent and Caution.

Select Corporate Event Management and Consultancy Services

National Institute of Higher Education (NIHERST)         
A science and technology exposition hosted over a 3-day period and attended by over 30,000 people.

Launch of COSTATT - College of Science and Technology of Trinidad & Tobago (COSTATT)

UN Secretary General’s Consultation on Violence against Children        
The launch of the global study on violence against children was attended by 180 persons that included  the highest ranked UNICEF representatives in the region.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Inc.
ICC CWC 2007 Brand Launch                         
The official launch of the Cricket World Cup’s brand, logo, mascot and match schedule for the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean

TSTT/ bmobile (cell phone service provider)   
B1 and B2 events featuring international artistes Kanye West, John Legend and Rihanna.
The musical launch and reinforcement of bmobile, TSTT’s mobile network. The concerts featured some of the most dynamic international acts, local bands and artistes. Both concerts individually attracted large audiences. ISLANDpeople in collaboration with McCann Erickson and bmobile staff developed the concept, décor, venue design and layout and managed all functional areas of the event.

Ministry of Tourism / Tourism Development Company
‘Taste T&T’
A first-of-its-kind culinary festival aimed at promoting Trinidad & Tobago’s rich and diverse culinary heritage, comprising various thematic food display booths, demonstration kitchen, sponsored wine and beverage stations.  ISLANDpeople was contracted as the Event Manager for the festival, since its inception in 2005-2007.

Ministry of Education
Inaugural Education Expo “Excellence in Education”
Hosted at the Rudranath Capildeo, Learning Resource Centre with an average attendance of 10,000 visitors for the (4) day period in April 2006. The management portfolio included coordination of 44 booths for local and foreign Technology exhibitors, a Book Fair/ Book Mall and Classrooms of the future.

Tourism Development Company Germany – World Cup “Small Country, Big Passion”
Dortmund, Nuremburg, and Kaiserslautern Germany.
Design, pre-produce, contract, build and manage Trinidad & Tobago’s Official Booth representation, “Soca Caravan” at the 2006 Soca World Cup. Responsibilities included installation/disassembly of booths in three major cities that games were played: -

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago          (TSTT)
"Service Excellence Awards”
The event aimed to recognise and reward employees for outstanding customer service. This event has been managed by the ISLANDpeople- Unlimited Functions team for the past two (2) years.

Tourism Development Company
FCCA Trinidad Night Extravaganza
Island people executed the Tourism Development Company’s and Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Trinidad Night Extravaganza entitled “Hands in the Air, Pans in the Air”. The event was held on the closing night of the conference held a few days earlier. Key members of the FCCA said the event compared only to the closing event for the conference held in Jamaica ten years before.

Select ISLANDpeople Signature Events
Amnesia (January)
Held in January, Amnesia is the first of the ISLANDpeople’s signature event for the Carnival season.  It is an ultra-All Inclusive Event attended by over 2000 guests. It is a fusion of artistic expression which offers an absolute delightful and captivating evening, overflowing with fun, food and entertainment.

Girl Power (February)
This gala focuses and honours the Power of Women.  Women emerge in their thousands.  The beauty and vibrancy of the crowd of approximately 10,000 partygoers is reflected by the energy of the performances on the night. 

Insomnia (February)
The ultimate breakfast party held every Carnival Saturday where approximately 12,000 Insomniacs party to their hearts content from midnight to mid-day.

Dawn (February)
Held in the capital city since its inception two years ago, this event takes place simultaneously with Insomnia and gives the partygoer the option of late night entertainment coupled with breakfast in the city.

Caution (July)
An episode that is fun-filled for its 2500 or so patrons. It features mysterious surprises that go with the theme ‘Caution’ on the one hand and on the other hand delivers a positive message which emphasises social, health and environmental concerns along with recommendations to effect change.

Christine Norton
Regional Advisor, Adolescent Development and Gender Equality
: cnorton@unicef.org ( (507) 315 7418

Corporate Events
Mr. Howard Chin Lee         
National Carnival Commission
( 868 624 1404

Marvia Roach
Communications Director
International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup 2007 Inc.
: marvia.roach@icccwc2007.com

Product Launches
Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie 
Pro-Vice Chancellor Planning and Development, Former Principal
St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI)
( 868 662 2002)

Maureen Manchook
President, National Institute of Higher Education
: http://niherst.gov.tt        ( 868 622 7880)

Corporate Clients
Nigel M. Baptiste
Executive Director,  Republic Bank Limited
: http://www.republictt.com/1asp/default.asp  ( 868 623 1056)


The above are just a few of the many talents, foreign, local and international who will be presenting at Eventology.

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